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June 29


Whitefish City Beach, Montana

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The Classic Sprint Triathlon Is Back!


Course Details

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Starting and finishing at Whitefish City Beach, the swim is a one-lap triangle of buoys of which the swimmers will remain to the left.

0.8 kilometer


Following Wisconsin Ave up the East side of Whitefish Lake, the bike course is an out-and-back with a challenging, yet beginner-friendly elevation.

20 kilometer


A two-lap course that culminates with a beautiful view of Whitefish Lake as you cross the finish line!

5 kilometer


Race Day

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Transition Area Closes

10am Sprint Triathlon and Sprint Relay Awards

8am Sprint Triathlon and Sprint Relay Start


Transition Area and Packet Pickup Opens

Rest of Day Celebrate Your Amazing Accomplishment

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Price Richardson

Race Director

whitefish lake triathlon

athlete info

June 29, 2024

USA TRIATHLON: Whitefish Lake Triathlon is sanctioned by USA Triathlon. You must be a current USAT member to participate or you may purchase a one-day license (required to complete the online registration process). All USAT rules will be in effect during the event.


You must pick up your own packet and present a photo ID on friday (2pm-5pm) at one of our sponsor's locations (TBD) or saturday Morning (6:00am-7:30am) at City Beach Whitefish.

RACE DAY PARKING: There is no designated race day parking. Please park on city streets.


There are three race numbers in your race packet that you are required to display during the event:

1. The adhesive bicycle frame number must be attached to your bike with the race number clearly visible from both sides of the bike. Lost bike numbers cannot be replaced.

2. The small adhesive helmet number must be worn on the front of your bike helmet.

3. The run number must be displayed during the run segment on the front of your body. Pin your run number to your shirt, swimsuit or race belt with safety pins or attach to your race belt.


Body marking will take place from 6:00am to 7:40am on Sunday at the entrance to the transition area. You will not be permitted in the transition area on race day without your body being marked. Do not apply body lotion or sunscreen until after you've been marked.


The transition area will be open on race day from 6:00am to 7:40am only. The transition area closes for all athletes at 7:40am. Any athletes, including Relay team members, arriving after those respective times won't have access to the transition area. Only registered athletes will be allowed access during that time period. You won't be allowed access to the transition area to reclaim your bicycle and gear until after the last athlete has started the run (approximately 10:00am).


You’re required to pick up your timing chip at packet pickup Friday or race morning. Don’t lose your chip. Each chip is encoded with your specific registration data, so don’t trade your chip with another athlete. The chip must be affixed to either ankle prior to the swim start and must be worn during the entire event. Athletes are responsible for crossing the timing mats at the beginning and end of each segment (swim start through run finish). Each relay team will have one timing chip. The chip will serve as your baton. Make sure it is properly affixed to the next athlete in transition.


The swim cap is picked up during Athlete Check-In and must be worn during the swim.


The use of wetsuits during the swim will be allowed if the water temperature on race morning is 78.0 degrees or less. If the water temperature exceeds 78.0 degrees but is less than 84.0 degrees, an athlete may wear a wetsuit but will be ineligible for awards and USAT national ranking points. A final water temperature measurement will be conducted on saturday morning at approximately 6:00am to determine whether wetsuits will be allowed.

We strongly encourage wetsuits if the water temperature is below 60.8 degrees.


The swim will be at the south end of the swimming area at City Beach at the finish line Arch. Participants should proceed to City Beach for the start no later than 7:45am. The Race Director will make a few final announcements at 7:45am prior to the race start. Athletes will be able to enter the water to warm-up prior to the race starting. Failure to wear the official swim cap other than the one you've been assigned will result in your disqualification. Participants who are less confident in the water are encouraged to start towards the back.


Athletes will have 45 minutes for completion of the swim portion. Note that the swim takes place in open water and conditions can vary from calm to rough. You should be prepared and able to independently complete the distance in the allotted time, as you won't be allowed to continue the race if you do not make the cut off. Follow the orange buoys during the entire swim course. Orange buoys mark the two turns. Keep all buoys on your left by swimming to the right of each buoy. Athletes cutting any portion of the swim course will be disqualified. For your safety, certified water safety personnel will be monitoring the swim course with kayaks and rescue craft. USAT official rules allow for athletes to rest or take breaks on kayaks or crafts, however, no forward motion can be gained. Simply rest, then restart on your own



SPECIAL NEEDS TABLE: There will be a table set up at the swim finish for the collection of your eyeglasses, medications or other special needs items. Be sure to clearly mark all items left on the special needs table with your name and race number.

TRANSITION AREA CONDUCT: For safety reasons, you won't be permitted to ride your bike in or out of the transition area. You must walk or run while in the transition area. Please watch out for other athletes as you move through the transition area and follow the instructions of race officials and volunteers.


Each athlete is required to wear an approved helmet during the bike segment. You must have your helmet securely fastened on your head before you mount and dismount your bike. Drafting and blocking (impeding the progress of passing cyclists) is not permitted during the race, per USAT official rules. Athletes will have 75 minutes to complete the Sprint Distance Bike Course. Please note, there are no aid stations on the bike course. Please have any hydration and/or nutrition with you. Also, carry your own flat kits.


Water stations are located at the run start and approximately each mile on the run course. Each station will be stocked with water and gu. You must complete the entire course and circle the traffic cones at the run turnaround. A timing mat will be placed at the turnaround to ensure each athlete completes the entire run course.


The run course officially closes at 11AM. All participants still on the course at this time will be asked to move to the sidewalk. Participants continuing on their own will assume all risks and must adhere to local traffic laws. Official individual finishers will receive a finisher's medal.


Please notify a race official and return your timing chip at the finish line if you drop out of the race.


Unsportsmanlike conduct or the verbal abuse of any race official or volunteer during the race or at any time during event weekend will result in your immediate disqualification.


Official race results will be available prior to the awards presentation. Report any discrepancy to a race official prior to the start of the awards presentation. Athletes who don't wear the timing chip during the entire event will not be scored.


Whitefish Fire Department will provide comprehensive medical care for all participants during the event. The biggest risk to athletes during the race is the potential of heat-related injuries associated with inadequate hydration prior to and during the event. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout race weekend.


Because Whitefish Triathlon is conducted within an urban environment, it's virtually impossible to keep the entire course closed to vehicular traffic. Be aware of your surroundings, obey the instructions of the traffic control officers and volunteers and be considerate of others during the competition.


The awards presentation will begin at approximately 10Am.


Race results will be posted online immediately following the race.